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Artists, chickens and alpacas in Bellevue District

Three unexpected and neat things happen to reside in the Bellevue District — artists, chickens and alpacas. Last week I was interviewing a woman at her Bellevue home for the magazine and was instantaneously charmed by the neighborhood. I wouldn’t have made it up there on my own, so I’m happy that work brought me that way. Driving through the neighborhood prompted me to go on Real Richmond‘s food tour of the Bellevue District this past weekend, which you can read about here.

Any ways, while the food was a really important part of the tour with Real Richmond, I was just as excited by our tour of Sarah K. Masters’ art studio, the backyard chickens and baby alpacas. Northside Richmond is home to many artists and there is even a Northside Artists’ Open Studio walking tour, which happens in November. For this event, artists throughout the Northside open up their homes and studios for the weekend and sell their items for holiday gifts.

Also, if you don’t know me, I turn into a 5-year-old when I see farm animals, so visiting the backyard chickens (now legal — whoop whoop!) and Fireweed Farm alpacas blew my mind and was a memorable part of our tour. I took lots of pictures and squealed like a school girl when one of the baby alpacas smudged its nose up against my camera lens.

Check out these pics from the walking tour. ‘Til next time! cheers, marissa

The Flowering Fan District

Flowers are poking up their heads throughout the Fan. As the days grow warmer and longer I find myself spending more time outside, walking the dog and exploring our neighborhood. While a majority of the neighborhood trees are still bare, some are showing their big blooms. This is the first of a series of posts I will publish of our neighborhood in bloom this spring. Stay tuned for more pretty flower posts. xo, marissa