Modern Map Art print of Richmond, Virginia

I’m the sort of person who has to live in a space for a while before I start painting walls and hanging art. For instance, it took me two years of living in our “new” home to finally started hanging artwork on our walls.

Recently my husband and I made a pact to fill our home with more art, so I have made a concerted effort to make it out to more gallery exhibits and regularly peruse prints online.

I had been searching for a bright white graphic print to hang above our bar cart, and finally came across this Modern Map Art poster of Richmond. We already have quite a few Richmond-centric pieces of artwork throughout our home, ranging from a piece by Matt Lively to prints purchased at local galleries like 1708 and art centers like Studio Two Three. So, adding a graphic map of Richmond seemed like the perfect (and affordable!) addition to our RVA art collection.

Modern Map Art makes posters for an array of big cities and countries. They even make Ski hill maps, which I’m jazzed about. I’m totally going to purchase one for a Christmas gift this holiday season!

If you are feeling a void on one of your walls, go get yourself one of these maps here!

xo, marissa


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